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Announcing the “Questioning War” series

Announcing the “Questioning War” series

peace and conflict

July 28th, 1914, almost 100 years ago: Austria-Hungary declared war on the Kingdom of Serbia, locking Europe and the rest of world irreversibly into an armed conflict that would change the world. The First World War was supposed to be “the war to end all wars”, but as we all know this wasn’t true (there was a Second World War, after all). The sad reality is that “this war, like the next war, is a…

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Hardee’s introduces new burger that is 70% similar to existing burger

Hardee’s introduces new burger that is 70% similar to existing burger

fast food

A new burger was released by Hardee’s, the popular fast food restaurant that specializes in grilled burgers: The Angus Triple Bacon Thickburger Super Sante Fe. The new burger, according to local reports, is almost 70% similar to existing burgers on the Hardee’s menu, using the same bun style, same cheese, same burger patty as many Hardee’s burgers but with the added twist of spicy bacon and…

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POLL: Still Only 76% Of People in Bahrain Visit City Centre Everyday

POLL: Still Only 76% Of People in Bahrain Visit City Centre Everyday


A new poll conducted by the Bahrain City Centre administration shows that still only 76% of the population of Bahrain visit the popular shopping mall in Manama every day.

A previous pollconducted earlier this year showed the same exact result which has shocked the City Centre management because they expected a major rise in attendance up to 100%. Bahrain City Centre Head of Research and Market…

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I’m not Batgirl. Not tonight. Not Batman’s star pupil, as I used to be. Not the girl who did everything right… who danced through Gotham and dazzled everyone she met. Tonight I am Barbara Gordon. She of the eidetic memory. She who never forgets. Never. - Batgirl #01